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Before you proceed any further, take some Blu-Tack and stick it across the camera at the top of your laptop. History, in one sense, is the history of screening ourselves off from our neighbours. Ever since the Neolithic revolution, human beings have learned how to separate themselves from others, transitioning from communal living to private rooms, from walls and moats to windows and motion-detector alarms.It’s the same as when your computer freezes and you call the helpline and they take control of your screen. Among the Dark Net’s snaky labyrinth of forums and message boards exists the sub-species of Ratter.Ratters are not content with trolling and insulting you online – they want to watch, and film, your reaction.Like any weapon, the internet’s power lies only in the direction in which it is pointed.We can lock our doors and draw our curtains but our laptops and smartphones are always on. As technology gets better and cheaper, its intrusion into our lives will penetrate ever deeper and with it, the notion of personal space and privacy will shrink until it is perhaps nothing more than a faint dot in someone’s memory of civilisation.The criminals post stolen images on forums or auction off the hack, allowing the highest bidder entry into your computer.They call their victims slaves and every time you turn on your laptop, they are there, silently watching as we once imagined God to be.

It’s also important to try to have a different password for each of their online accounts, as confusing it can be to remember them all.The Ratter can get into your computer or smartphone as easily as I can type these sentences.They turn on the internal camera and film you as you go about your daily life.You should also make sure your router has the latest firmware update installed — you can check for any updates by going to the manufacturer’s website (Nexus, D-Link, etc) and check for any available downloads.Of course, every smart home device is different, so check with the device manufacturer for information on changing the default password.What they’re looking for is naked walk-bys, late night undressings and visits from lovers.Almost always it’s women who are the victims of these crimes.Passwords that use up to ten upper- and lower-case letters mixed with numbers are proven to be more secure.One tip is to construct a password from a sentence, mix in a few upper case letters and a number – for example, “There is no place like home,” would become “ti NOplh62.”Numbers included in a password should never be something easy to guess based on the user.It’s not just hackers and authorities who can track your data.In February, The Federal Trade Commission fined TV maker Vizio US.2 million for monitoring the content users watched without their consent and selling the data to advertisers.

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