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For more information on whether you may be entitled to a backdated award contact our Benefits and Council Tax call centre.You can claim housing benefit and/or council tax support for a past period. Do this as soon as you realise you want to ask for a backdate, as we can only go back the maximum period from when we receive your request.The rules have changed from 1 April 2016 for Housing Benefit and a claim can only be backdated for a maximum of: This is not an exhaustive list, and meeting any of the reasons given does not guarantee that we will backdate your claim. In some cases we may phone you or write to you for more information or we may ask you to come in for an informal interview.You will be sent a letter telling you of our decision.However, there will be times when this is not possible.In these circumstances, a claimant may be able to ask for their Housing Benefit claim to be backdated to an earlier date.

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Up to 1 April 2016 you can make a written request for your claim to be backdated up to six months before the date your written request is received.

The 2006 Regulations are the main regulations to refer to when dealing with Housing Benefit matters.

Claimants should always make a claim for Housing Benefit at the earliest opportunity, to ensure that their rent liability is met.

Good cause is determined on a case-by-case basis, but can include reasons such as ill-health, inability to cope and illiteracy.

The reduction in the access to backdating means that it is even more important than ever for claimants to make a claim in a timely manner.

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