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Phil Show, titled "Race to the Altar." Unique among professional matchmakers, April takes a personal hands-on approach to matchmaking.

Her helpful and practical advice along with her thorough and discreet interviewing process makes her the go to gal for successful, educated, marriage-minded clients interested in dating in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas.

Men can find out more about the value of this service among professional matchmakers at the company website,

Men who are seeking personalized assistance and this level of specialization can contact Beyer & Company for a private consultation.

Our matchmaking is unique in that no other firm offers it's women this service for free.

April strongly believes that in order to effectively and ethically match couples, you can really only represent one side.

Beyer & Company is the next level in personal matchmaking services, where matchmaking meets relationship & dating consulting.

Working with April is like being a member of a very private and elite club," says Colvard, further stating that "April Beyer's decade-plus of experience and personal approach is the key to her success in the field of matchmaking.These are women of the same high standard and caliber, who also want to be in a serious, long-term relationship.We personally review each application and if we believe the applicant is an appropriate match for one of our clients we will contact them so we can get to know them better and meet in person.In addition to coaching men and women, she works with an elite group of bachelors who are highly educated, handsome, successful, and looking for love.Ever since the advent of the ‘Talkies’ sound technicians have struggled to pick up speech in motion pictures with sufficient clarity.For many years the problem of getting the microphone close enough to the performers without it being in the camera shot was a constant challenge!On the other hand if the mic was too far away the sound was often ruined by the pickup of unwanted surrounding noise.At low frequencies this microphone exhibits the directional characteristics of a cardioid mic, with excellent rear rejection.As the frequency response rises it becomes a line mic with considerable attenuation of unwanted sound from the sides.As we know, the 642 was tailored very much for the film and TV industry and came with an elastic mount for attaching to a boom.Although extravagant claims are made for the mighty 643 in the advert above, I suspect that this mic was in fact quite awkward and unwieldy to use (even sighting along the barrel!!

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