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As luck would have it, the teeny energy loss caused the two neutron stars to get a teeny bit closer to each other and orbit a teeny bit faster. LIGO is a ground-based detector waiting for gravitational waves to pass through its facilities on Earth.

After hundreds of millions of years, all those teeny bits added up, and the neutron stars were *very* close. When it is active, it can detect them from almost anywhere in space.

Mergers like that may be happening as often as once a month across the universe, but they do not produce much light because there’s little to nothing left around the black hole to emit light.

In that case, gravitational waves were the only way to detect the merger.

Stagnancy doth log in:a dang costly nothinghit gangland’s tycoon—(stagnant, clingy hood.)Sit, nonchalant doggy,dancing tangos hotly,canoodling thy angst!

“The poem is sad because it wants to be yours, and cannot be.”— John Ashbery On Partridge Hill Lane, I wash the bowl twiceand take my thumbnailto the dry raspberry jam.

The bend in the roadis as sad as the poemas sad as the house,my body, this mind,peanut butter in the trap,the mice in the walls,the fat in my thighs,my daughters’ humming.

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By combining different kinds of light with gravitational waves, we are learning how matter behaves in the most extreme environments. The waves are emitted by any mass that is changing speed or direction, like this pair of orbiting neutron stars. Just before the neutron stars collided, the gravitational waves were strong enough and at just the right frequency that the National Science Foundation (NSF)’s Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) and European Gravitational Observatory’s Virgo could detect them.However, the gravitational waves are very faint unless the neutron stars are very close and orbiting around each other very fast. Just after the collision, those waves quickly faded out because there are no longer two things orbiting around each other!The exercises took place in “dilapidated buildings used in wartime for training of merchant seaman” on tiny Hoffman Island in the New York Bay, just off Staten Island, The Times reported.Readers, please note: This is the Lively Morgue’s last post. , Vampirella, Girl Over Paris, Spell on Wheels, Adventure Time, Edward Scissorhands, Fraggle Rock, Bravest Warriors and a bunch more! Please don't sent me messages with the "fan mail" feature. By Robert Hamilton | Found Poetry Review A canto dongs nightly,attaching God’s nylon—a chanting godly snotattaching dongs only,(stodgy anal notching? Source: Anagrams of Robert Frost’s Nothing Gold Can Stay. Even blamehas moved from the shaftof morning light to shadow.Such coordination between satellites is something that we’ve been doing with our international partners for decades, so we catch events like this one as quickly as possible and in as many wavelengths as possible.Astronomers have thought that neutron star mergers were the cause of one type of gamma-ray burst - a short gamma-ray burst, like the one they observed on August 17.And those gamma-rays came just 1.7 seconds after the gravitational wave signal.The galaxy this occurred in is 130 million light-years away, so the light and gravitational waves were traveling for 130 million years before we detected them.

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