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Earlier in the month, Lewis’ song topped Billboard’s Dance/Club Play Chart at #1.“The title is an ode to all the small record shops that have been closing down due to the music industry eating itself,” Lewis explains.“I used to spend hours combing through their record shelves.We broke up about five years ago then we got back together, well it was the end of last year 2008/2009.Sad Song that was like right after I had broke up with her. Europe has always had control on the dance floor, they’re much happier over there you know. It’s all about getting the right mixes out there, that’s why I love dance music as well because it’s a very remixed culture, each mix works in its own location. I do a lot of work with children’s hospital in Seattle; I’ve been doing that for ten years, singing at the Ronald Mc Donald house, I do a lot of cancer charities.

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(Blake Lewis) Yeah, gosh man that was almost a year ago now; it was crazy.

It was an interesting experience you know, dealing with the secret service and meeting Michelle, you know it was great. It depends on what kind of venue I’m doing and what kind of show I’m doing.

Because I’m kind of a chameleon when it comes to performing because I do my dance album so it’s more club based, I’m usually doing more clubs and then I have my singer/songwriter stuff, which has a whole different audience. I thought it was fun, she’s a fun addition but nobody replaces Paula in my eyes because when I was on American Idol I got to experience Paula you know, everyone else is experiencing something totally different.

I grew up with all these great 80’s artist’s who are super eclectic and it translates in my music. Right now I’m working on mixes for binary love and just settling in to LA in my new place, I hope it take me more globally.

Oh man that’s like an hour long question, put me on the couch.

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