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No - You don't need to do anything, as there is only one WOW database.

The Bureau has simply created an entry point into the system.

A few modifications have been made (such as use of local time) to promote the system's use and enhance the user experience for Australians. There is a function to submit weather impacts - are they relevant to Australia?

Users the world over can submit information on weather impacts using WOW.

Above you can see an example of what a BOM Quote looks like.

There are some buttons along the top of the dialog (see below for an explanation of how to use them), a header section describing the design or project from which this BOM is generated, then a table showing the BOM itself.

Bank appeals to all the customers not to respond to such phone call/email/SMS and not to share their bank account detail with any one for any purpose. To learn how to use WOW, please refer to the Support pages in the WOW site. Yes - All of the Bureau's near real-time Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) are ingested into WOW.More comprehensive FAQ's related to the general use of WOW are available on the WOW site. A filter is provided in WOW to turn either the Bureau or WOW sites on or off.The accuracy of any of the figures shown in the BOM will depend on how complete your part numbering is in the design, the availability of items from stock, and other factors such as any discounting you may have as part of your RS purchase account, or due to sliding scales on ordering larger quantities.Items in the table are colour-coded to help you understand at a glance how close your BOM is to being complete.In November 2012 WOW won "Best Use of Cloud Services" and "IT Project Demonstrating Most Effective Use of Collaborative Technology" at the prestigious UK IT Industry Awards.WOW's popularity continues to grow with an average of over four million observations being received every month.The costs in the BOM will be updated to reflect that number of PCBs.Alongside the quantity field are some action buttons: Refresh - refresh the BOM by fetching the latest information from the online database.The type and severity of these impacts have been designed for UK environmental conditions, but many still have general relevance to Australia (e.g.damage to infrastructure or property from hail storms).

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