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Both Obama and his wife have been trying their level best to create space and give space to their daughter Malia.These days, lots of speculations and news have been in the air that who will be the Malia’s valentine?The older Obama sibling will start classes at Harvard in the fall after taking a gap year.Malia had previously been linked with 23-year-old Stanford graduate Rob Franklin, but the pair's relationship is platonic, reports Hollywood Life.He told that he just tell his watchmen to keep an eye on those guys who will be glancing at Malia.Just a few times back, President Obama has given this hint with regard to his daughter ongoing dates.He told that his daughters have this wonderful role model in front of them in the form of their mother.

She is absolute Single and may be wait until find a right partner.She like Justin Bieber but they are not in any kind of romantic relation.While talking to the Magazine, Obama told them that these inevitable relationships with boys do not sound good.While he was on Georgia, he clearly gave this hint that his daughter Malia who is 14 years old has been officially dating now.It was reported that with regard to this statement the White House officials did not gave any of the comments.Pictures taken inside the lounge show 18-year-old sat with a friend at a booth, as they split a basket of chips and salsa.There also appeared to be a bottle of water on the table.She is adolescent yet and not reach the age of 18 but we have noticed that she has got interest in boys.She has grown up over the past four years and now its time for her to explore the world of the opposite gender."Malia Obama is living her best life," wrote one user on Twitter."People need to stop recording and making money off her and let that girl live." "Malia Obama having a great time like normal people but the problem is she will always be recorded," wrote another.

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