Brian michael cox dating taylor and selena dating

His family was Irish-Catholic, with his mother in particular being extremely devout and homophobic.

Brian had an unstable childhood due to his father being an abusive alcoholic.

He plans a wedding for Lindsay and Melanie after theirs falls apart, and gives up his parental rights to his young son Gus, so that Melanie and Lindsay will reunite in the first season.

He pushes Michael away, so that he will go back to his boyfriend.

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Despite his feelings, Brian does father a child via artificial insemination with his close friend Lindsay, a lesbian, and ultimately develops a romantic and sexual relationship with young artist Justin Taylor, which is central throughout the series.His best friend, Michael, often reassures him that he will "always be young, and always be beautiful." Lindsay, a sister-like figure to Brian, sometimes fondly calls him 'Peter', in reference to Peter Pan, the boy who never grows old; he calls her 'Wendy' in return.In one episode, Emmett Honeycutt's elderly boyfriend George Shickle describes Brian as "the love child of James Dean and Ayn Rand." Despite Brian's seemingly uncaring and amoral nature, he is shown as loving his friends and will often make great sacrifices for them, even though he won't admit it.that part's a little difficult." As for her current relationship with Mc Daid, the guy certainly seems to have David Arquette's stamp of approval."He's amazing," Arquette, who has a daughter with Cox, told Wendy Williams back in February.After high school, Brian received a full scholarship to Carnegie Mellon, where he studied advertising.It is there that he meets another close friend, Lindsay Peterson, who shares an art history class with him.In the pilot, Brian Kinney spots 17-year-old Justin Taylor on a street corner outside the gay nightclub Babylon.He proceeds to take Justin home and take his virginity.Brian was physically abused by his father throughout his childhood and teenage years; it is unclear whether Jack was also abusive to Brian's older sister, Claire.During his high school years, Brian would escape the abuse in his home by staying with his best friend, Michael Novotny, whose mother, Debbie Novotny, ultimately began treating Brian like another son.

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