Cena dating john who who is skeet ulrich dating now

The WWE told the wrestling website, "We have confirmed that three of our performers have been diagnosed with a viral infection.

As a precautionary measure, we are ensuring in-ring performers and staff are tested and immunized in accordance with recommended medical guidelines." When asked about it by Fox News, Bella said, "So I heard about this and I guess I'm happy that I'm not there right now.

He loved the outfits and the dance and it was really cute.

He just thought it was beautiful." Luckily, neither Bella nor Cena have to deal with the illness situation that's hit the WWE, in which, as reports, a few of the stars have reportedly come down with a viral infection, possibly the mumps.

Which brings us to the second episode, which was on Wednesday night.

With a show like that, you can spare yourself the boredom and be relatively sure that any moments worth seeing will surface online in the days after it airs.

She left in April 2012 following a storyline in which she lost her Diva’s Championship to Lalya at Extreme Rules.

Brie Bella said on that she and Daniel Bryan had a hard time adjusting to this lifestyle.

“When I wake up in the morning and see this home, I’m like wow,” Brie Bella said on Total Divas.

Nikki Bella returned to the WWE in March 2013, and by this point she and Cena had been dating for a few months.

Cena recently told Us Magazine that he has something “extremely special” with Nikki Bella.

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