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Akashi Seijuuro is a young child and Furihata is a high school student hired as his caretaker. When an assassin is kidnapped by a band of pirates horrible things are bound to happen.They part and re-meet when Akashi is graduating from Rakuzan – and Akashi is determined to never let Furihata go again. But between the lonely assassin Ja'far and the beloved captain Sinbad there's a spark that neither can ignore.."This is insane," Mitsuba mumbled as she shifted to make room for the two of them. We'll wait for them to leave then go out afterwards," Shinoa replied quietly.The slits in the closet provided a perfect view of Yuu's bed. Oneshot collection about Kageyama's and Hinata's relationship as the smaller is very prone to injuries.

Enjoy reading :3Furihata has been trying to figure out what to get Akashi for their first Christmas together.

") so just consider this as an early birthday fic for Furihata birthday. Lucy is at her whits end and decides to plan a seduction that she hopes will finally push their intimacy to the next level.[COMPLETE] Seven years had passed since she erased his memories. Akihito won't tell her anything about his past but expects her to tell him about hers. Hinata's sick and it's interfering with his game play!

Seven years since she had left him and never looked back. He snorts when he laughs, tans better than her in the summer, and Mirai can't stand it but she just can't get away. If he doesn't find out what's wrong and soon, he'll be stuck on the bench or worse- kicked off the team!

This is it, this is what she's been wanting — right? (Mature content ahead)Four years had passed and Furihata Kouki finally changed her name to Akashi Kouki.

She pauses just a moment, savoring the incredible latte foam softness of his kiss. Living happily with her husband and her four year old son, but an unfortunate event caused her to lose her sight.

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