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This image is derived from a photo released under CC-BY 2.0 by her fiancé Michael Holman (who goes by Martin Holman also). Archive linked to show the license granted when I downloaded it – here .

Every single claimant could sue any individual responsible for discrimination.Post a link to it everywhere you know – not just Ki A but every obscure little political forum, blog, news site – wherever – with a little blurb of your own. Commenting on the pull request that added the ‘reverse-isms’ language (archive here), users asked Palamountain to change it.She said, If Ms Palamountain bothered to ‘do some research’ she would find that the ‘privilege’ of no group in the western world extends to a legal right to harass people.The defaulting party has to pay all the non-defaulting party’s costs even if they win the lawsuit.That is why I made a point of delaying publication to give them time to set out the facts disputed and offered to extend that time further. Since Git Hub wanted this article silenced and were prepared to make poorly veiled legal threats, I ask readers to help unsilence it.The question I have been asked is, whether the policy is lawful?In the UK or US, if an employer adopted this policy, could they be sued? The Equality Act 2010 in the UK and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 1964 in the US both prohibit racist workplace conduct against all persons regardless of race.I am loathe to condemn even people whom I disagree with because of the complex and difficult issues they face. The issue that has attracted controversy is the ‘definition of harassment’ written by Github employee Amy Palamoutain.Nonetheless several people this week have asked me for my legal opinion on the TODO Group ‘Open Code of Conduct’ (archive here) and I do feel some excoriation is in order. Much of this is unobjectionable, aside from prolixity.UK law requires libel claimants to comply with pre-action rules (like saying which facts you dispute).The penalty for incompliance with the pre-action rules are set out in Webb Resolutions Limited v Waller Needham & Green (a firm) [2012] EWHC 3529 (Ch).

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  1. But keep your wits about you as there are many catfish swimming in the digital sea. Chris Fullwood and Alison Attrill-Smith noted in their journal article: Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking Historically, my friendships, while important to me, have been supplemental to some kind of intimate pair bond ― whether it's a long-term boyfriend, a guy I'm dating, or just a regular casual sex partner.

  2. “As this is an active investigation, we will not be commenting further.” The New York Police Department tells CBS News, “We are aware of the sexual assault complaints. The NYPD continues to work with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office on the case.