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Web analytics — as a subset of technologies within a broader analytics category — is also relatively mature, with Google, Adobe, IBM, and Webtrends holding the strongest leads.And, more recently, PPC bid management software has narrowed, with Adobe, Marin, Acquisio, and Kenshoo.Question: Is the app store on Apple (a) consolidating and shrinking or (b) diversifying and expanding?With over 650,000 apps and growing (“there’s an app for that”), the answer is obviously (b).Consolidation has happened both via acquisitions and organic attrition of ventures that didn’t make the cut.Other subcategories, however, are diversifying at an explosive rate.Congratulations, you’re here because you’re ready to take charge of your student loans.

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So the CRM market might be mature, but the emerging concept of social CRMs has given new players such as Nimble and Spout Social a foot in the door.

At the same time, however, the pages of Tech Crunch, Venture Beat, Pando Daily, Giga Om, etc., are constantly pumping out announcements of ventures launching in this space. And while not all start-ups make it past the embryonic stage, enough of them gather enough momentum to achieve escape velocity and become real companies. Is the inflow greater than the outflow, or the other way around?

Working on my updated marketing technology landscape for this year, I’ve come to the conclusion that the answer is both.

Once you start breaking down marketing technologies into subcategories — email marketing, marketing automation, testing & optimization, etc.

— you can see which are growing and which are contracting.

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