Consolidating debt atb

8888 8888 8989 8989 90 90 9999 9999 A/L All Lines A/P Accounts Payable – customer department responsible for processing payments A/PH All Phones A/R Accounts Receivable- balance on all customer accounts AA Auto Attendant AAAA Avaya Associates Against Acronyms AAAD Avaya Aura® Agent Desktop If a contact center is licensed to handle telephony calls, the AAAD toolbar can be installed on the CCT server to provide agents with a softphone on their desktop.

An Avaya Application 2 hour response time Avaya zipcode list showing zipcodes that are within 2 hour response time 2020'2 20202'2 2B1Q 2 Binary, 1 Quaternary 2FA Two Factor Authentication 3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project 3PL Third Party Logistics 3PL 3rd Party Logistics 5 Why's The 5 why's typically refers to the practice of asking, five times, why the failure has occurred in order to get to the root cause/causes of the problem.

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All media processing is performed in software on the host CPUs.AAEP Avaya Aura Enterprise Portal AAL ATM Adaption Layer AAM Avaya Aura Messaging AAN Application Assurance Networking AAPS Avaya Aura(R) Presence Services AAR Automatic Alternate Routing AAS Auto-Available Split AASBCE "Avaya Aura SBC (Session Border Controller)-Enterprise see ASBCE also" AASM Avaya Aura(R) Session Manager AAVE Avaya Aura Virtualized Enviroment AB Acronym Buster ABA Avaya Business Advisor - Avaya Business Advisor is a sales tool that enables users to identify Avaya products and services that offer optimal performance in solving a client's business needs.The Avaya Business Advisor experience enables users to configure Avaya products and services by simple data input that answers questions to common business problems.Supported vendors include: Lucent, Cisco, Avaya, Nortel Networks, Agile, Paradyne, and others.-Management Services: Real-time monitoring and management of SNMP-capable devices by remote Avaya engineers, using a network management platform developed with Avaya/Bell Labs.If the attempt failed Tele Sales sends the cancellation request back through the tool to Care.ans Adaptive Network Software ANS Answer ANS Avaya Notification Solution ANSI American National Standards Institute AO/DI Always On/Dynamic ISDN Ao A All other Acronyms AOB Asset On Books AOD Avaya On Demand AOI Area of Interest AOK Avaya Online Knowledge Alarm Orgination Manager AOR Agent Owned Recall (Dialer functionality allowing users to designate certain call records for recall) AOS Avaya Operations Services (former Managed Services team) AP Advance Payment AP Accounts Payable AP Application Processor (MPS) APAC Asia / Pacific APAR Avaya Privileged Access Request APC Avaya Proactive Contact (CC outbound campaign management application) APCS Avaya Private Cloud Services (was AOS) APDS Avaya Professional Design Specialist API Application Program Interface APL Approved Product List APM Avaya Pricing Model - a new, simplified pricing & discount model introduced throughout 2010 as part of the Avaya Connect partner program.ABL Avaya Batch Loader - tool to load and manage Sales Compensations ABT Analog Basic Telephone ACA Avaya Certified Associate ACACN Avaya Certified Associate in Communications Networking ACB Automatic Call Back ACC Access ACCC Atlanta Customer Care Center ACCC/ATL Atlanta Customer Care Center ACCCM Avaya Contact Center Control Manager ACCS Avaya Contact Center Select ACD Avaya Credit Department ACD Automatic Call Distribution ACD Automatic Call Distributor ACE Agile Communication Environment ACES Avaya Central EMEA IT Service Desk Team Aceva Vendor that supplied the Billing Quality Tool.ACF/NCP Advanced Communications Function for the Network Control Program ACH Automatic Clearing House ACIS Avaya Certified Implementation Specialist ACK Acknowlegdement ACL Access Control List ACLI Avaya Command Line Interface ACM Assistant Contract Manager ACM Avaya Communication Manager ACP Avaya Call Processing ACPI Avaya Conferencing Provider Interface (ACPI) ACR Avaya Contact Recorder -- this is a key software application within Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization (WFO) solution suite -- provides for call and Full-Time Screen Recording (FTSR) for contact center agent and enterprise Knowledge Worker engagements with customers - many Avaya customers have mandatory Compliance Recording requirements they must adhere to - this WFO application addresses this requirement ACS Audio Conference System ACS Avaya Corporate Security ACS Avaya Client Services ACSE Avaya Certified Solution Expert ACSS Avaya Certified Solution Specialist ACT Avaya Computer Telephony ACU Awaiting Completion Unit ACV Annual Contract Value ACW After Call Work AD Active Directory ADAC Auto Detection And Configuration ADAN Action Device And Number ADAP Intuity Administration and Data Acquisition Package ADD Agent Desktop Display The ADD application optionally provides real-time skillset monitoring on agent desktops.-Implementation/Integration Services: Assistance with design, engineering, installation, implementation management, and reconfiguration, plus a single point of contact for data networking support.ADS Avaya Diagnostic Server is the new Secure Access Link version that includes SLAMon and weblm services. Broadband conection in which upstream and downstream connection speeds are different.

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