Couples after dating in the dark

They feel as though dating me means they're not shallow like other guys and that they are above the Eurocentric beauty standard conditioning. Soon enough, more people began showing love publicly to us of darker skin.

Elevating one’s mind is awesome but thinking you get brownie points for finding dark skin girls beautiful is not an accomplishment. I have learned that many guys go for dark skin girls because they feel that light skin girls are out of their league.

When I felt that vibe that they didn’t view me in high esteem, of course I would bounce — because I know my worth.These men fetishized my skin and black girl features in private, but didn't value me enough to involve me in their public lives.They thought by calling me chocolate, and African Queen that they would compensate for all the other things they were lacking.I feel like all women go through this, especially women of color.Some men think we are a joyride, an experience, an adventure- we are not.It took a lot of introspection and a lot of strength to not let the cruel bullying I experienced break me.Much thanks to the glo-up & this recent wave of “Black is Beautiful,” many of the boys who used to make fun of me have ironically found their way into my DM's.Dating, in general, is hard — but dating as a dark skin black women has come with hardships I never expected.I don’t want to make it seem like other women don’t struggle but when you fit the mainstream beauty standards you are already one point up.The boys did not find me cute and the girls thought they were better than me.Walking past a group of kids was a nightmare because it wouldn’t be long before someone yelled, "Yoooooo she's mad black." Those were the good times.

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