Datin look for sex in america

And most notably, “big and beautiful” women made up 13% of our respondents, yet only 1% classified this as the ideal body type.Far and away, women find confidence the sexiest trait (65%), followed by humor (54%) and intelligence (53%).

In America, many ideals of beauty and fashion emanate from coastal epicenters like Los Angeles or New York City; it’s possible that women in the middle of the country are more likely to feel like they don’t fit into these ideals.

But both married There is also a clear variance in perceived sexiness across self-identified body type.

Muscular and athletic women (32% and 30%, respectively) are high above average, while big and beautiful, average, and long and lanky women (all 20%) rank far below average.

For instance, 38% of women identify as “curvy,” but only 27% marked that as the ideal body type.

Similarly, “average” women comprised of 21% of our data set, but only made of 13% of the ideal.

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