Dating a girl who has no friends

In our books, we define a Hot Chick as a confident, empowered, passionate woman, and that means having a passion for your friendships as well as your families, careers, and intimate relationships.So every one of you who's nodding your head in agreement right now -- take a moment to call up your best friends and plan your next girls' night.

Missing out on female friendships is like missing out on true love, and if you've never had an honest, loving, fun, ridiculous best friendship, you don't know what you're missing. When we're with our girlfriends, our greatest fears, our secret dreams, our choices, and our mistakes are validated. But our girlfriends do more than just tell us it's okay if we slept with a guy too soon or screamed at our daughter just because we were PMS-ing.And sadly, even those women who view these shows as guilty pleasures find these messages of negativity between women infiltrating bit by bit.This is our call to start celebrating the beautiful friendships between women rather than the empty competition that's been forced upon us.And anyone who's shaking her head and poo pooing the idea of girlfriends, try opening your heart to a friendship that might make you love your life just a little bit more.It's time to Lean In to our friendships and create a sisterhood of Hot Chicks who support, embrace, and empower each other. Female friendships are so powerful that they often leave us transformed.We're our best selves when we're together and we take that piece of us with us wherever we go.Over the many years of working with thousands of people looking to find a committed relationship, I've discovered numerous red flags that may indicate future problems.Very often, when the person I'm working with has moved ahead with the relationship, one of these issues -- which might not have seemed huge at the beginning -- becomes a major problem leading to the demise of the relationship. As you read this list, don't just focus on the other person.Good girlfriends challenge us just as they legitimize us.They call bullshit on our bullshit when we need it and let it go when it's just not productive.

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