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However; help is at hand due to the fact that most of the early Oysters were sold in the UK they bear British hallmarks because it was a legal prerequisite for all precious metal items sold in Britain to be hallmarked by a government department. Century (eight hundred years ago) making the hallmarking regulations most certainly the oldest piece of consumer legislation still in effect.The hallmark on each watch case comprised three parts; a standard mark, giving the purity of the metal (silver, 9/14/18/22 carat gold), the assay office mark (where it was hallmarked) and the date letter (the year it was assayed).By checking a particular serial number against this list you should be able to date a watch with reasonable accuracy.However, it is no quarantee as to when your watch was shipped from the factory.At this time, Rolex elected to start numbering with a letter prefix (e.g. The system started with the letter "R", whcih was then subsequently followed by L-E-X.Thus spelling out the word "ROLEX" with the "O" being omitted, to help avert any possible confusion with the number "0".

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This numbering system was originally believed to have started at 20,000, however earlier numbers have surfaced shooting holes in this theory.The final failure of the watch can be put down to a number of factors but mainly to the fact that the Datejust was a more usable watch, it was easier to see the date through a window which was always in the same place rather than at the end of a moving arrow, the watch was intrinsically less waterproof than a Datejust due to the adjustment pushers which went through the case and there was also the fact that the watch looked very similar to triple calendar models produced by a wide variety of other companies; and of course, in the end people buy watches to perform functions they need and who really needs to know the phases of the moon? The Convair 440 was a Turbo Prop; not a Turbo Jet.216 Column 2, 1st paragraph, line 6: should read “allegedly wore one in the movie “Winning”…….”Le Mans” starred Steve Mc Queen, please accept our apologies for confusing these two screen icons.331 The A. Oliver case making workshop was moved to Liverpool Museum, not the Prescot Museum381 Appendix 3Updated, enlarged and revised list follows: There has never been full agreement about the case numbers on early Rolex Oysters.The company have refused to release details from their archives and the market has been left to flounder around with insufficient data to establish a correct dating/serial number sequence.Therefore, letter prefixes could end at random times of the year, and did not start or stop at the beginning or end of a calendar year.Then, later in 2010, they scrapped the entire system and implemented a brand new "Random" numbering system, in which each watch is issued a (unique) 7-digit "Random" number consisting of numbers and letters.New for 2005, Rolex has started engraving the Case's Serial Number into theinside edge of the case (at the 6 o'clock position, under the crystal and below the bezel), asshown in these images, which were taken at BASELWORLD 2005, in Switzerland in early April.A close-up view of the same watch, you can clearly see the Serial Number"F982176", engraved into the case at the 6 o'clock position, with "ROLEX" engravedrepetitiously around the dial in a circular fashion.An example of this number would be something like "169L7F4".This offers them a seemingly endless numbering system by which they could continue indefinitely.Figuring 7 digits with a possible 36 characters (26 letters and 10 numbers) per digit, gives them over 78 Billion (78,364,164,096 to be exact) possible serial numbers.The following "Round Numbers" Serial Number List has been comprised of known serial number ranges for the years listed.

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