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After a good start into 2003 and an excellent response to the established changes in the collection, the Iraq crisis and the still changing European markets lead to a further decline of demand in late spring, which made additional restructuring of the company necessary.On May 20th 2003, a new managing company, the , took over the operational activities.In a last attempt to save the company, the assortment was completely restructured to 50% tableware, 40% gifts and 10% figurines, which in turn allowed to lay off 100 employees as part of a social plan in 1999.Annual turnover decreased to DM 26 million and so the overall workforce was reduced to 350 people early in the year 2000, however it was obvious that turnover would decrease more and more due to the general crisis in the German ceramics industry.But overall production capacity had already reached its limit, forcing the managers to find some sort of interim solution.Early in 1955, therefore took over another company also located in Kronach, the ⇒Porzellanfabrik Oechsler & Andechser, a business which itself had only been established in 1950.Just as the company reached its maximum turnover of DM 51 million, stepped into the company, but the young manager already saw the German porcelain market crumbling: after German reunification, many former state-owned East German factories were re-privatized via the ⇒Treuhandanstalt, giving them a secure financial background which many West German companies - already trying to hold up against imports from Asia and other Eastern countries - could not hope for.

Currently we have over 20000 members from more than 100 countries!Successfully, size and internal organization of the company were once again adjusted to the change of demand and the complete collection was restructured and geared to target new audiences by 2007. We are proud to be celebrating 10 years on the net!decided to change the company name to 'AL-KA', a combination of the first two letters of each family name.Over the next few years the factory successfully established its name in the market by not only producing an extensive series of giftware but also manufacturing a high-quality series of Rococo style lace figurines which was usually a domain of the Thuringian companies.On November 14th 2000, the Bavarian Minister of Economics, Mr., could only refer to the meetings which had taken place on October 5th and October 25th, trying to find a solution to at least save a large part of the jobs.After the required changes had been made, the company was lead by a board of the three managers: .Further investors were quickly found and in 1953, new premises in the nearby town of Staffelstein were acquired in order to build the new factory there.The month of July saw the conventional continuous firing kiln being replaced by a discontinuous firing chamber-kiln, an estimated investment of around DM 2 million.During the year 2002, the international political crisis and the substitution of the European currency lead to excessive structural changes in the entire ceramic industry, together with a drastic decline of the traditional product categories which were the prominent area of business of .

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