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Whether you are a college student, a busy professional, a parent, or in this case an aspiring animator, everyone struggles to find the time to get to the things they want to work on. If you want to have a relationship you make time for your partner. If you want to be in shape, you make time to go to the gym.At first glance this workflow may seem like common sense, but you would be very surprised how many people never see it this way!This workflow will help you keep your time managed properly, and will get you animating the most amount of hours for at least 6 days straight.Remember, it is the closest way to simulate the working hours of a professional animator.Now of course things in life will come up and adjust this schedule.

The 12-14 hour day is during our crunch-time/overtime where we are working towards the final end date to finish the project.

It made my work take significant steps forward and therefore get noticed when the time came.

This kind of dedication and discipline that I learned from martial arts training will bring you the results you are searching for.

I am not exaggerating as I have seen student’s animation go from mediocre at best, to “wow can this be the same student?

” I know this schedule works not only because of my students’ success with it, but because it is the exact schedule I made for myself when I was working on my goal of becoming an animator.

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