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And so one fears for someone who continues a game beyond where it ought to go." LL: So what does that mean?ELLE: I think he means that the whole tabloid presence isn't really doing your career any good.

"Just because you're dancing in a nightclub doesn't mean that you're doing all these things the tabloids are saying," says Harvey Weinstein, the independent film giant whose company is releasing Bobby, about the assassination of Robert Kennedy, in which Lohan's character marries her boyfriend's brother to keep him out of Vietnam.

It's a whole game that she plays with the tabloids, and it goes back and forth.

It's valuable for her up to a point—but I think she's now past that point.

LINDSAY LOHAN: You kind of ask for it when you go to nightclubs. ELLE: You must have at least initially loved all the attention. ELLE: Let me read you this quote from your Prairie Home Companion costar Garrison Keillor....

LL: just say, that man is so talented, and I asked him to write me a sequel and he said he wanted to. Here's what he said: "Her tabloid life is a separate thing.

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