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The souterrain will probably be filled in and covered over to preserve it when the new home is built.

This chamber is the sixth to be discovered in the area.

“It’s [important] to our identity and to our heritage, knowing that our ancestors did exist here and held ceremonial practice and rituals,” added Aunty Diane Nicholls, a member of the Mapoon Indigenous community.

“The Elders always knew when they were growing up here in the dormitories in the mission days, they knew gravesites were here.” For more, go to “Death by Boomerang.” report.

Residues in the pottery vessels will be tested to try to determine what they held.

Leaf-shaped flint arrowheads, serrated blades, stone axes, and grinding stones have also been found at the site, which may have been a seasonally wet landscape on the floodplain of the Thames River at the time the enclosure was in use.

The high-quality floor was damaged during the construction of the Byzantine structure some 300 years later.

To read about another recent discovery in Egypt, go to “Queen of the Old Kingdom.” reports that Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists discovered a mosaic dating to the second or third century A. while excavating a building dating to the Byzantine period in Caesarea's agora.

The mosaic measures about 11 feet wide by 26 feet long, and is made up of multicolored geometric patterns, a long Greek inscription, and an image of three toga-clad men.

reports that a section of a 5,500-year-old causewayed enclosure, complete with encircling ditches and boundaries with gap entrances, has been uncovered at a quarry in southeast England.

Wessex Archaeology researchers expect to find the rest of the oval-shaped monument intact.

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