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“I usually go for a G & T as everyone likes it, most of the girls would drink wine.

A bottle of wine is good for dinner, it’s more of a connection when you’re sharing. Apparently it used to be .” Despite his hatred for the cinema, Jack suggests drinks and dinner if you think there’s a connection.

Annie, with typical American gusto brushes the dust off her shoulders, as she says: “I’ve got 645 charms. I’ve been on about four or five dates from that.” The business second year from Boston stands at six foot, admitting this can put guys off. I have dated a shorter guy though, he made me feel like a supermodel. I got involved in a ghetto boxing ring in south London that was fun.

I had a weird experience on Valentine’s Day – two homeless people pushing a pram asked me to help fill it. Then maybe cuddle with some wine after.” While boys should be smart, girls should feel free to tone it down a little.

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No selfies and definitely no sedated tigers – they look stupid. The History finalist has been on a handful of dates, but misjudged the situation once when the girl brought her friend.

“But British guys are far better at talking to girls than in the states. And there’s nothing forward about getting too drunk on the first date. I like tattoos – I have one on my back that says ‘what a life’. A little bit of beard is hot but nothing too hipster, it looks stupid.” While Will has just a fraction of the charms of Annie and Ellie with only 15.

Plus frat parties are really stupid.” Annie not only prefers British men, but ones with confidence that aren’t afraid to lay their cards on the table. Men are more forward, Will says, and less concerned with failing. The biggest thing for me is confidence, thinking you have nothing to lose and just mesagging them and asking for a drink. “Be confident, guys find it just as attractive being approached by a girl. People are too concerned with failure, people are scared of it but you can always move on.” At 6″1, the third year from Bath will start officer training at Sandhurst once he graduates.

“We’d go out for drinks, pre meal, a few gin and tonics.

Maybe go to a restaurant and have supper and maybe have a few drinks after if it goes well.

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