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This past weekend, Brown posted a photo of an oversize teddy bear that she got from Sartorius on Instagram.

notes that Brown isn’t even Satorius’s first girlfriend: He was “briefly linked” to Disney star Jenna Ortega last year.

They’ve engaged in such serious relationship-defining acts as posting photos on Instagram stories (Brown) and commenting with a heart emoji on an Instagram thanking someone for a stuffed bear (Sartorius).

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Jacob was previously romantically linked to 'Stuck in the Middle' star Jenna Ortega - who also starred as his love interest in his video for 'Chapstick' - but the singer explained that they are just close friends.

Meanwhile, Millie is currently filming the third season of 'Stranger Things' and recently revealed sporting the buzz cut for her role in the hit Netflix show was the ''most empowering'' thing she'd ever done.

She starred in the music video for his original song “Chapstick.” (“You made a reservation, but all we need are two lips, one kiss / Nothing between us but Chapstick.”) Aah!

You can watch the video below, if you aren’t already dead.

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