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re3has reached a milestone of identifying and listing 1,500 research data repositories, making it the largest and most comprehensive registry of data repositories available on the web.It has grown steadily since its launch four years ago to cover a wide range of disciplines from around the world.

These sessions are invitation only based on playing level and commitment.

NOTE: Although the information discussed in this paper is (mostly) up-to-date, the idea that the world of XML and databases can be seen through the data-centric/document-centric divide is somewhat dated.

At the time this paper was originally written (1999), it was a convenient metaphor for introducing native XML databases, which were then not widely understood, even in the database community.

Children start on Red ball, and progress to Orange, then Green and Yellow.

By using this modified equipment and adjusting court sizes, learning the game is made a great deal easier, particularly for the youngest players, who can be rallying, serving, returning, scoring and having fun as soon as possible.

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