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This shouldn’t be a red stop sign, or even a flashing red light — not at all.

The same type of warning goes for single parents dating, because simply having a child creates different dating scenarios and warnings than dating without kids, so although there are challenges of office dating, it’s something I encourage.

To help sort through the pros and cons of dating someone you work with, I turned to relationship expert April Masini who pens the popular advice column Ask April.

She graciously agreed to share some of her thoughts on dating at the office.

It’s easy to spend way more than 40 hours a week at work, and with that much time invested, it’s easy to notice attractive, potential dates in your office, at your meetings and conventions, and in your professional sector.

I think that meeting dates at work is a great opportunity — but you have to be careful about the way you proceed.

One of the major perks being that you have the opportunity to see firsthand the type of mother she would be to your future children.

The other perk being that you can almost guarantee that a house with kids in it, is guaranteed to have snacks on demand at all times.

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When time and energy consuming careers keep people from dating each other, seeing each other at the office is a way to be in touch and keep the relationship going, where it might fail otherwise, because work prevents dates.Particularly, the meeting people to date part of your social life.Having little free time coupled with spending long hours with colleagues leads many people to think about looking for love at the office.When you meet someone through an online dating site, or as a blind date, or in a coffee shop or at a party, you don’t have the benefit of knowing that: a) they’re really employed, b) they show up for work everyday (or don’t), c) what their relationships with co-workers are like, and d) what their office, car and work wardrobe really looks like!These are four big factors that help you get to know someone beyond what you learn on a date.Hedge against ugly break ups by waiting a few months before letting it slip that you’re dating.When coworkers know the two of you are dating, it’s human nature for them to watch you for signs of good, bad and ugly behavior.And depending on how you look at it, there may also be some “downsides” when it comes to dating a mom, let alone a single mom.For most men, dating a single mom can be quite a difficult task. Now I do want to clarify that there is a major difference between being a single mom and being a mom that just happens to be single.Why subject yourself to the microscope before you have to?There’s no relationship insurance, but you can protect yourselves by waiting before going public.

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