Droid email not updating

Smartphones today are not just used to make calls or send messages, but to perform a wide range of tasks such as, watch videos, listen to songs, compose, send and receive emails.Discussing more about emails, do you know the process of setting up Road Runner email on your new i Phone, i.e., i Phone 8 or i Phone X.We want to make it easier for you to find support for your Galaxy S3 so we put up this simple index page where you can find all problems we already addressed.Please bear in mind that the problems we supported this year are ones that occurred after the Android 4.3 update, although the solutions we provided could also work for devices running the previous version.“apt/deb” in Debian/Ubuntu and “yum/rpm” in Cent OS/Red Hat).

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When it was first set up, everything was working fine.

the screen freezes where can run finger up and down with no result …extremely annoying.

Also pushing the front button does nothing (like runs out of memory) thinking of going back to Z2 as it would easily last a day on battery and no such issues …S6 if use for calls etc can require battery saver just to get home …not sure if issue is related…

Setting up Roadrunner email on Apple i Phone is quite easy.

Some of the steps are similar to the process of setting up RR mail on i Phone 7, 7S, 6, 6S and other previous versions, except for a few steps, which are new for i Phone 8 and i Phone X.

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