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According to the Heimskringla, Erik was also the king of Westrogothia, Dalia, Bahusia and Wermelandia, but the saga relates that he lost all of those provinces except for Westrogothia to Harald Fairhair.In the Heimskringla Snorri Sturluson relates that Erik wanted to make a kingdom for himself as large as that of the Swedish king Sigurd Ring and his son Ragnar Lodbrok (i.e.Åke answered that there was nothing to blame Erik for but that he had got the old things and the old hall because he was old whereas the Norwegian king was in the bloom of his youth.Åke also answered the he was no less the Swedish king's man than the Swedish king was his man.Harald then spent the rest of the autumn killing all the Swedish king's men in Vermland.

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Cambridge University Press, 1921.] Source: #S-2093685953 Redir.aspx? The Swedish encyclopedia Nordisk familjebok identifies him with the legendary Swedish king Erik Weatherhat.When the kings arrived, the Swedish king was placed in the old hall, whereas the Norwegian king was placed in the new one.The Norwegian king found himself in a hall with new gilded vessels carved with figures and shining like glass, full of the best liquor. Bidding his farewell Åke gave to Harald's service his own twelve year old son Ubbe. Then Åke talked to the Swedish king, who was in a bad mood.Hearing the words of treason, Erik had no other choice but to slay the impudent and treacherous Åke.When Harald learnt of this, he pursued the Swedish king until they saw the Swedish king, but then they had arrived at the border of Götaland and considered it best to return.When King Harald Fairhair arrived at Tunsberg (in Viken, and at the time a trading town) from Trondheim he learnt of this and became very angy.He assembled the ting at Fold and accused the people of treason after which some had to accept his rule, while others were punished.According to Hervarar saga he was preceded by his father Anund Uppsale and uncle Björn at Hauge and he was succeeded by Björn (III) Eriksson (the father of Eric the Victorious and Olof Björnsson).The Heimskringla relates that Erik died when Harald Fairhair had been king of all Norway for ten years, i.e. According to both Hervarar saga and Snorri, he fought wars against Harald Fairhair, the founder of the Norwegian kingdom.Åke gave him valuable gifts and followed the king on the road until they came to the woods.Erik asked Åke why he, who was his man, had made such a difference between him and the Norwegian king.

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