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There’s a great variety of hiking in the area and the small Swiss village seems as if it could pass as a ghost town during summer – making it the perfect escape for couples.Whilst Porto was once overlooked by tourists and travellers heading straight for the capital, Lisbon, the fishing town has now become a strong contender for tourism.Na jej występie była obecna jej rodzina, oglądając co wyprawia i jeszcze dumni z niej!Miley na występie zaciągała się sztachem marihuany.

Nie tylko nosiła flagę pedałów ale i na zakończenie podczas jej występu, towarzyszy jej na scenie 30 ciotowych przebierańców!

It is impossibly charming and an accurate depiction of Portuguese culture past & present.

Porto is in fact the second largest city in Portugal — but the old town is simply too charming for this destination to not be included.

It’s no secret this would have to be one of the most romantic picks in all of Europe. It is also home to oodles of charming and colourful architecture with each building distinct from the next!

Sure, Wroclaw is a large city itself – but the old town of Wroclaw won our hearts and subsequently a place on the list. Although Bavaria is a region in Germany, it is eerily similar throughout – and we couldn’t pick just one town to visit!

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