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The new Queen Elizabeth only took to the seas last fall and we have not sailed on her.

We can say that what we say of the QV s also true of the Queen Mary 2 – if smoking s gone from the QV, we suspect that it has similarly been highly restricted in the QM2 and the new QE. Here we go: C/ INTERNET and Wi Fi The internet was expensive and it didn’t work.

Petersburg/Moscoew cruise, it was a few weeks before I was recvered.

The places we visited were secial – but I soon fgured out I would need to eat sparsely and judiciously on Viiing.

The dabs of hand disinfectant were everywhere and crew members stationed at entrance to food service areas making sure everyone disinfected their hands.

Crew were also serving all food, as was true in 2009 during the ship’s noro virus problems.

Today smoking in the casino and the adjacent atrium is gone. Walk any passageway on the ship and you’ll know when yu are passing a smoking room – the stink is in the hall.

It’s not going to be fast like when you’re sitting in a Panera or your own bedroom. If you go back to the dial-up days when you could watch grass grow, the connection is quite perky. On the third night out, about 11 pm, all of my fellow passengers were fed and out of the shows and apparently all of them headed for the internet at once.

Again to Cunard’s credit, a screen came up saying “too many users” which means that instead of circling and circling as your minutes went away, they simply told you to go away and come back later.

In that case I did – about 5 am the following morning (by now we were in the Hawaiian time zone which meant that at 5 am it was 10 am in New York and the markets were open).

At 5 in the morning still in the middle of the Pacfici the Queen Victoria’s internet perked along quite well. Your fellow passengers are going to be hugging the intennert in droves late in the evening but apparently are sound asleep early in the morning.

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