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For the data we're tracking, a sex change operation is the same as, for example, a man leaving the show and a woman subsequently entering it.

Sure, you could then also say that the cast being constant is an assumption of the graph, but that's not really accurate either.

1.251 , 21 March 2017 (UTC) I think a better way to explain the gay pairing equation would be to look at it like this: n(n-1)/2 are all possible pairings, since you take each person(n), pair them with everyone except themselves(multiply by n-1) and then divide by 2 to eliminate pairing the same people twice.

Then substract x(n-x) which is the equation for all straight pairings.

The graph simply doesn't observe the passage of time.

You'd have to add a time axis for that, making the graph three-dimensional.

The equations in the comic and the graph show how many different love pairs can be made if you know the number of females and males in a group.

The graph already needs to be re-drawn every time someone enters or leaves the cast.

- x(n-x)=x(x-n), hence the second part of this equation.(Hope I'm editing correctly) It actually comes out that if each individual's gender is chosen randomly, the expected value for straight casts and for gay casts is the same (not too hard to prove via induction).

(Also known as the "Rule of 7") Free online voice chat to improve english Standard Creepiness Rule is an equation that determines the youngest possible age of a potential date that is deemed to be.

To avoid double counting the possible couples, we therefore need to divide that total by 2. Similar reasoning involving the (n-x) females tells us that there are (n-x)(n-x-1)/2 possible female-female pairings.

Multiplying these out and combining the male and lesbian couples together, we get the total number of possible gay couples as [x^2 - x n^2 - nx - n - xn x^2 x]/2. The left two terms can be combined together as n(n-1) and the right two terms can be combined together as -2x(n-x) or 2x(x-n) [which is negative, because x-n As a worked example, for Firefly, of the 9 principal cast, 5 are men and 4 are women.

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