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Due to this extreme smallness, Iceland is like a little high school where gossip spreads like wildfire, causing privacy to be more valued than in other cultures.

If just one person finds out that Inga slept with Janus, then literally the entire “village” will know in just a few days.

While that fact in no way should discourage you from going, don’t for a second think you’re visiting some type of isolated tribe in the Amazon that will be amazed by your steel tools and exotic spices.

Unless you’re into chubby chasing, you’ll definitely have to move your ass to get laid with what you think of as a pretty Icelandic girl.

While their skin is almost always milky white, less than half of the women are platinum blonde, which is probably the stereotype you had about them.

Disappointingly, there were some Icelandic guys who even had my dark hair color and beard.

It’s safe to assume that brutal rape was part of the program, which is why you see a surprising number of brown-haired Icelanders.

The natives possess sharp enough English that you can successfully hit them with typical American or English sarcasm without having to dumb it down.

If learning the local language is important to you, then go to the following site for free lessons:

The tiny population of the country (less than half a million) means that no one is more than one connection away from anyone else.

The running joke goes that when two strangers meet, they aren’t surprised to find out they’re distant cousins.

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