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The live webcam streams from the observation platform at a height of 190 m.The earth TV weather cam also shows popular tourist destinations like the Church of Our Lady in the Old Town, Nymphenburg Palace and the Theresienwiese, where the worldwide popular annual Oktoberfest Beer Festival takes place.its great outback and - if the weather is good - even the view over the Alpes.The Munich Frauenkirche, the Nymphenburg Palace, the BMW Headquarters, the New Town Hall, the Munich Hofgarten and the Allianz Arena. Each of the major breweries presides over its own large tent filled with traditional musicians leading the crowd in well-known drinking chants, incredibly strong barmaids hoisting ten or more huge Maß (1-liter glass beer mugs that are heavy even when empty!

So keep checking our live Germany e Live streaming webcam section for new live German streaming cameras.Furthermore, the earth TV web camera shows the Olympic Stadium and the whole Olympic Center.Enjoy a stunning panoramic view via webcam you won´t get to experience from the ground!This is your chance to view live images of the stunning birds from the comfort of your home.View these live streaming images from Warnemünde, situated on the northeast coast of Germany.A rare live webcam allowing you view a stork colony located in rühstädt, Germany.Rühstädt is located in the Prignitz district and is the largest stork colony in Europe.View the River Isar, the Bavarian Alps and many other tourism locations in Munich filmed by this live streaming Munich web cam Amazing live streaming images from the city of Dresden, Germany.Dresden is the capital of the Saxony region of Germany.), and a spate of drunken people all trying to get into the bathroom at once.In 2003, Oktoberfest hosted 6.4 million visitors who drank 6.1 million liters of beer and ate the equivalent of 91 oxen, 383,000 sausages and 630,000 chickens.

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