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He regularly uses the word “bitch” in describing women, and has called the Syrian refugee crisis a media-created “hoax.” Yet Cernovich has built up a considerable platform on (where else?

) Twitter, where he preaches to a swarm of over one hundred and fifty thousand followers.

His championing of Donald Trump, for example, began as a cynical ploy to sell e-books.

In a 2015 Twitter exchange with a follower, who remarked that Cernovich “took a damn sharp turn to the right,” Cernovich replied: “My real views are far more moderate, but now is the time to win.

(Suuuure it was.) “I was friends with a lot of girls who had crushes on me, but I was too polite to fuck them.” (Suuuuure they did.) Not all of the claims he makes are implausible, though.

A long list of “what I juiced this week” (including recipes for cabbage carrot juice, kale lemonade, and a celery refresher) is too exhaustively-documented to be fictionalized.

One can glimpse the fruits of Cernovich’s gender philosophy in a New Yorker profile of him, which portrays his current marriage as wracked by tension and nervous laughter on the part of his indulgent wife.

This seems to have been, and might still be, his primary source of funds.Cernovich takes Trump’s sales pitch one step further: Make America Great Again is not just a political program. ernovich himself is a classic rags-to-riches story: the inspiring metamorphosis of a poor, fat kid from the Midwest into a fully-fledged asshole in Venice Beach, California.During this remarkable journey, Cernovich learned martial arts, went to law school, was accused of rape, self-published three entire books on juicing, married a highly successful Silicon Valley patent attorney, was divorced by a highly successful Silicon Valley patent attorney, got a seven-figure alimony payout, rose to internet prominence by savaging a bunch of female gamers on Twitter, and finally became a thought-leader in the world of tinhat fake news (e.g.: “The Orlando Shooter Did Not Act Alone”).Confronting your challenges, reaching your goals, maintaining your focus. Presumably because they are muscly and do not suffer from self-doubt.For a masculinist tract, parts of it have a surprisingly Chicken Soup for the Soul vibe. (They are also, however, not known for being especially sophisticated political thinkers, a fact one may wish to bear in mind when assessing how much credence to give Cernovich’s theory of an international war on whites.) The gorilla mindset seems to have something to do with unleashing an inner animal.The content is edgier, the formatting is far worse, and Mike Cernovich wants you to know that he is done coddling you. ”Cernovich’s writing on dating and relationships is predictably full of bad advice.Straight away, he lays down the central traits of Masculine Men. “Acting like a narcissist will make people like you,” he says.In his conspiratorial and misogynistic pronouncements, Cernovich is a run-of-the-mill creature of the online alt-right.He nevertheless makes for an interesting subspecimen, as one of the only fixtures of the movement to parlay his politics into a self-help brand.Later on, in a list of Gorilla Focus habits, we are told that gorillas “do not eat in front of the television.” A real gorilla knows this will only make him lose track of his calorie intake! A real gorilla pees eight times a day, clear urine!A real gorilla always registers as self-employed on his tax returns! Cernovich’s next book, Danger & Play, continues the themes of Gorilla Mindset in a more aggressive style. Do you have what it takes to be hard, Cernovich taunts his eunuch readers, or are you a coward? ” he asks, “and instead look for your milk and cookies?

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