How to not take dating seriously

"Being playful" isn't a trait we name as often as "smart" and "funny" when describing our ideal S. — but it turns out being a laid-back, lighthearted playful person could be a real dating advantage., published in the American Journal of Play, asked a sample of 327 students to rate a list of desired traits in potential partners.

Friendliness, a sense of humor and intelligence and, perhaps surprisingly, playfulness topped the list for both men and women.

Instead, remember, and whether or not you’d like to see him again. That relieves pressure and allows you to move on to date someone you really connect with. Pretty soon, you’ll be working your game and enjoying every minute of it.

A study found that when it comes to picking partners, one of the most desired qualities might be one we're overlooking.

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When did the anticipation of an amazing first kiss translate to a sucky time?

In order to meet all kinds of people and discover what does and doesn’t work for you, you have to date a lot.

Dating is a fun and exciting process that should help you narrow your search to find someone with whom you’re compatible.

You can date to see if someone might turn into a friend. You can date for practice – so you're very comfortable being with a stranger for a couple of hours so when the real Mr.

Right comes along you won't be nervous and uncomfortable during those critical first few dates.

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