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For the first time the German troops were forced to make extensive use of their trenching-tools.

Dig in—that was the first and most important commandment in the battle for the Crimea.

"A fortnight ago, up in the steppes, we took nearly 100,000 prisoners.

The German artillery found it difficult to get the Russian batteries.

Indeed, there was no room for more formations in the four-mile-wide corridor.

Reading from left to right, they were the 22nd, 73rd, and 46th Infantry Divisions and parts of 170th Infantry Division.

They say that some 650,000 Soviets have been taken prisoner on the Central Front to date.

And at Vyazma and Bryansk they seem to have had a very good bag only a few days ago —the communiqué said 663,000 prisoners. It makes over two million." "I'd say there are just as many Russians about as ever," Jan Meyer grunted.

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