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Watch for WPI*IFRIENDS VIP on your statement for an amount that may be .95 or more.

For customer service, please contact them at 1-800-437-4363.

The i Friend, if necessary, may verify the truthfulness of personal data. The User(s) and/or i Friend(s) profiles will be authomatically terminated in case of incorrect information, under penalty of the application of the sanctions provided by this Term, without any further indemnifying or refund of any nature.

3 – Access and Restrictions to functionality of the Portal: 3.1.

This Platform is presented to registered clients ‘as is’, and may undergo constant improvement and updating, and the i Friend is in no way bound to keep its structure or layout, if not for its own convenience. The i Friend endeavours towards a continuous and seamless availability of the Platform, being subjected, however, to extra-ordinary events, natural disasters, failures or collapse in the main communication systems and in Internet access or to facts produced by another party that lay beyond its realm of surveillance and responsibility. The i Friend does not accept responsibility for any damage, damages or loss of client equipment caused by system failure, in the server or in the Web connection, even if produced by third-party actions, including the actions of malicious software containing viruses, Trojan horses and others that may in any way damage the equipment or the connection of the clients as a result of the access, use or browsing on this Platform, as well as the transfer of data, files, images, text, and audio or video contained therein. Clients do not have the right to demand the availability of the Platform as they would see fit, and may not demand indemnification or repair for damages should this Platform become unavailable, no matter the reason. The i Friend has no responsibility for the browsing activity of the clients in the use of external links as provided by the Portal, as the latter should read the Terms of Use and Policy on Privacy of the site accessed and act as determined.

i Friends are people who want to socialise with others who have common interests and do not have remunerated jobs as guides.They have different professions and are located in different cities of Brasil and other countries.They should be of legal age, accept the conditions of the terms for use and bear a valid identification document, not having any criminal record and not being users of illegal substances, with a fixed address in the city they are registered to ‘represent’. User: Persons that access or interact with the activities offered by the Portal through the Login and Password provided by The i Friend. Personal Information: Information provided by the user or i Friend when registering in the site. The i Friend has the following goals: (i) register in its databases some Users, Customers and i Friends information; and (ii) introduce i Friends, Users and/or Customers, in order to provide contact and social/cultural exchange among them 2 – Registration 2.1.Thus, we are not connected with EMBRATUR and with the Brazilian Department of Tourism.Fees that may be charged will serve solely and exclusively to cover the platform operating costs.The User and/or i Friend will be held responsible, respond and guarantee in any given situation, in civil or criminal proceedings, for the veracity, accuracy and authenticity of her/his registration data. It is set forth that, once aproved, the subscription of the User and/or i Friend in the site, it will allow the use of The i Friend available services. The User and/or i Friend declares that at the time of registering, she/he read, understood, and accepted the current Terms for Use.The site will not be responsible for the correction of personal data provided by its User(s) and/or i Friend(s). The i Friend reserves the right to use all the valid and possible means to identify its User(s) and/or i Friend(s) as well as to request additional and relevant data and documents, in order to validate the information provided, including personal data. The i Friend reserves the right to request any kind of documentation in order to check the information provided by the User(s) and/or i Friend(s), at any given time. When providing data and information to The i Friend, the client accepts to always do so with a commitment to truthfulness and authenticity, under penalty of the application of the sanctions provided by the Law, of indemnifying whoever damage is caused to and to having one’s account in the present Platform terminated. Continuous credit card charges may occur I did visit the internet site IFRIENDS in the past and use it for a short introductory period.Little did I know that it was going to become a permanent charge to my credit card account as a VIP account.These Terms of Use present the general conditions of use of The i Friend services (site app i Friend), so that when enrolling, the user accepts the use conditions and other i Friend privacy policies.Definitions: In these Terms of Use and Conditions the following definitions below mean: Anti-Spam: System that prevents the acceptance of unsolicited mail, such as mass messaging, through the blocking of messages or their moving to a specific folde i Friends: i Friends are people located in different cities in the world who wish to socialise with others that have a different culture and to share interests in their free time.

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