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The list of IP ranges from which public IP addresses are allocated to Azure resources is published at Azure Datacenter IP ranges.If you are using the Azure portal to create an indexer, Azure Search portal logic also needs access to your SQL Azure VM during creation time.The links below provide instructions on NSG configuration for VM deployments.

Since the main feature of the application is totally SQL based, changes to lookup tables are reflected into main operation and that's the correct behaviour.Chances are you've done this before to allow your own application logic to connect to your SQL Azure VM.It's no different for an Azure Search connection to your SQL Azure VM.A second approach is to allow the connection to fail, and then reconfigure the ACLs in the NSG.On average, you can expect IP addresses to change every few weeks.What I did was to refactor the application in order to: At the current point, I have reorganized the code so that the main function of the application (running complex SQL queries on huge datasets) works as it did before, but then lookup domain entity manipulation is done smarter using Entity Framework as possible One of the pages I inherited is a multi-checkbox page I'm going to show you for best understanding.I won't discuss the previous implementor's choice, because it's cheaper to fix my current problem and later refactor code than blocking development for a broken feature.If you do want to change any entities and save them back to the database, you'll need to attach the changed entities before calling I had this trouble too, but I could fix it.I'm using Repository Pattern and using default DI of . I've been using Add Singleton(...), but it's wrong to use with Db Context.I see there are plenties of question on EF cache, but I have found no solution yet to my problem.How do I completely disable Entity Framework 6 cache?

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