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Matthew seemed to really enjoy his time, too, which was an added bonus.

We had Christmas with Matthew’s family the day after we got back to WA, which is always fun with all the kiddos.

I couldn’t make it to work because I couldn’t find the driveway. It’s still on the ground today, but fortunately isn’t snowing anymore.

Since we’re trapped in the house, Jessica and Paul (the awesome couple I live with) have decided to start setting up the house for Christmas. With all this Christmas merriment around me, I can’t help but get a little bit homesick.

Make sure to rub it all over with your fingers to get out any air and to make sure it’s all going to adhere to the wood.

Work quickly, but be careful (especially if you’re using thin-er paper).

So now you should have 2 frames that look something like this.

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My favorite exhibit was the one for Bonnie & Clyde.

😉 And in honor of Valentine’s Day I am presenting you with a picture frame tutorial inspired by my recent shopping excursion to Michaels. Sorry about that.) What you will do: Place your frame onto your paper and trace the frame – or just do what I did and cut around the frame with your knife.

I just love that place – though my bank account doesn’t love it quite as much as I do… Take out the insert from your frame and place it in the middle of the paper you just cut out.

And I have many ideas stored up in my bookmarks toolbar for future craft sessions.

I also happen to really love Valentine’s Day – not necessarily because of all the love and gushy stuff, but because my birthday is so close to it (February 16th, in case you forgot).

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