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I have a much longer and comprehensive post coming on office space, but for now check out some of the photos here.

I had jotted down the location, but in my hurry to get to the site, I hadn't really paid attention to where I was walking.

Now, a few helpful people were trying to tell me the easiest, and safest, way to get to my parked vehicle.

At one site she'd been the volunteer coordinator and found out my middle name was Bertha (don't laugh, I was named after my great-grandmother).

In fact, I'd hated the name during my entire childhood.

In this case as in that one, something that’s supposed to make things better doesn’t seem to be doing the trick—in fact, quite the opposite—and it’s time that we talked about that.

You know the assumption I have in mind, dear reader.

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" I turned my head to look at the idiot using my middle name as I handed my paperwork over to the solemn, very tall, dark-skinned man in charge of the volunteers.That’s where the comparison begins to bite, because insisting that sexual desire was beastly, horrid, filthy, etc.Just now, of course, the emotion at the center of this particular rogue’s gallery is hate.Seems some of the residents had not moved on, or had nowhere to move on to.Others in the area were addicted to various drugs and squatting in the many abandoned buildings.It always amazed me how casual people were about responding to phone calls of this nature.'Hello, the school your child attends was horribly devastated by a freak storm and nearly burned to the ground.They were searching in the basement where the gymnasium had been located.I've been wearing it shorter than usual, around shoulder length, and typically pulled back into a ponytail, like today.Unfortunately, there were three students and a teacher still unaccounted for.I didn't even want to think about some child, trapped, under these conditions.She was also a do-gooder, but damn if she wasn't one of the most annoying human beings on the face of the planet.

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