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Rather than simply looking as those with disabilities as people that should be hidden away from society there was a shift towards thinking of them as people that required more help, especially in the field of education.

About 14 years after this association was formed, the Kennedy family was involved in the formation of day camps that offered similar support as well as sports and other activities for those with intellectual disabilities. This was a day camp for children with disabilities to come do recreational activities and spend time outside their homes.As soon as more doctors and researchers studied these intellectual disabilities in the early 1800’s, what caused them, and how to help the individuals rather than locking them away, there was more acceptance (Weijers).With this slight step towards the acceptance of those with disabilities, movements worldwide towards acceptance began to rise as well such as educational opportunities, better living conditions, and day camps.Although these movements were critical as a starting point towards the equal treatment of those with intellectual disabilities, Special Olympics has become the most recognizable and largest driving force behind the movement for equality of those with disabilities worldwide since the 1960’s.Before the 1800’s those with intellectual disabilities were thought to be incapable of learning.They were still viewed as insane and “feeble-minded” by the general public.In the nineteenth century there were changes in the education of those with disabilities and how professionals within the field viewed them, but societies view on those with intellectual disabilities had not changed.As Camp Shriver expanded to include sports and different training for these sports those with various disabilities “could discover that they were not worthless, because they could run and hit and jump as well as anybody” (Shorter, 111).It was expansions such as these that truly grew the acceptance of those with disabilities and “over the next few years , Camp Shriver returned each summer, shaping the attitudes and emotional lives of hundreds of young people with and without intellectual disabilities” (Shriver, 70).Shortly after this Eunice Kennedy Shriver founded her own camp known as Camp Shriver, Camp Shriver started out much like Timberlawn, a welcoming place for those with intellectual disabilities to come play but in 1964, Camp Shriver was expanded to include sports.Prior to these camps, those with intellectual disabilities were not allowed to play sports as it was believed that that sort of activity would be harmful to their health.

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