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If you’re someone who’s got a knack in cooking, then you must have the means to quickly reach to your man’s heart.But what if your specialties are typical American foods and your man is Sri Lankan?My family considered a simple cake and punch reception, and my husband was quite opinionated that we needed to serve a meal or we’d offend the Sri Lankan side of the family.I’m from a small town, so the two family ‘sides’ were indeed both fascinated with the uniqueness each family brought to the wedding!(Read my longer post on this here.) What compromises are required in order to make your marriage work?I knew immediately that my husband would never be happy unless I knew how to cook his food.

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Because of our shared faith, we actually had a lot in common in terms of what we valued in a wedding ceremony.Did you ever encounter people who frown upon interracial marriage? Not directly to our faces – we do get a lot of looks, and it’s hard to wonder what the looks mean sometimes.We do hear about opposition to interracial marriage from our students on occasion and spend time listening to their sorrow over this.We also choose to travel as frequently as we can afford to Sri Lanka.This can push my own comfort levels as an American, and I have to loosen my grip on expectations I hold from living in a developed country.Intercultural marriage, done well, lays a model for people seeking peace across deep difference.It teaches you to pay attention to more than yourself, to be intentional about your choices, to share honestly and listen carefully, and to respect one another’s differences.My husband can easily identify areas where the Christian church in America is more affected by American culture than by the Bible itself.This has helped to open my eyes to a whole new way of seeing my own faith in light of a global reality.I’ve learned a lot about what I deem as normal rights and sense of entitlement, but it can still cause conflicting emotions.Does cultural difference affect how you raise and discipline your children?

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