Most intimidating looking cars

So hurry up and grab this high profile custom classic. COM — Maintaining a black car's exterior is an intimidating experience considering a single finger swiped across the paint can show a noticeable blemish.Plus, there's air conditioning blowing cold from modern R134a to make sure you always feel as cool as you look behind the wheel.

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Plus, the headers add even more power as they also contribute to the growl of the dual exhaust.Truth is, a black car doesn't scratch more easily than any other color; the tips below will help keep any car's paint color free of scratches and swirls.Modern cars use clear-coat paint, and what you're actually washing and working with is the top layer of clear coat; the colored paint sits underneath this protective coating. But what's really happening is the fine scratches and swirls you see in a black-painted car's reflection are typically the result of careless, preventable car-washing techniques.And those black and chrome American Racing wheels finish off this aggressive package perfectly by filling the wheel wells with a 18/20 inch front/rear package that gives this Mopar the perfect street-eating stance. The green and black color scheme continues to deliver intimidation as it's expertly interweaved on the custom door panels, seats, and center console. The factory never offered anything nearly as comfortable as these leather buckets with modern bolstering.And with the full-length center console, even the rear gets custom individual attention.Related: More on's Long-Term 2015 Mercedes-Benz C300 Nationally, however, silver led the list in Axalta's Global Automotive Color Popularity report for 2014, with black a close runner-up.With so many cars coming off the assembly line with fresh coats of deep, glossy black paint, we gathered tips from car-care experts on how to keep that luster looking as good as new.Combine that with the B&M shifter, and you know this is a powerful Challenger even before you twist the key and hear it roar.Under the hood you see the 340 cubic-inch V8 has all the right polished components to be bright and chic within the dark engine bay.Completing this total handling package is QA1 coilovers and Wilwood disc brakes at every wheel.And more than just a backroads burner, features like power steering and the 727A three-speed automatic transmission make this perfect for cruising, too.

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