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That crisis could very well deteriorate into a full-blown war.The second issue is that of the ownership of the regions of Hala’ib and Shalateen bordering on both countries, which today are under Egyptian rule.The island is adjacent to the port of the same name and 50 km.

Suakin Island is most probably going to serve as a strategic observation point overseeing movements in the Red Sea.

Turkish sailors stand still on the deck of naval ship Bodrum during the the Sea Wolf-2009 Military Exercise in the Aegean, off Turkey's coastal town of Marmaris May 27, 2009..

(photo credit: REUTERS) The Middle East is in chaos, but apparently it’s not enough to stop regional powers in their ruthless fight for hegemony.

Joint military exercises are to be held shortly to “enhance common military potential.”This is an unwelcome development for Egypt, since Turkey is encroaching on an area vital to its defense.

Ankara, which supports the Muslim Brotherhood, harshly condemned Cairo for the ouster of president Muhammad Morsi in 2013 and diplomatic relations between the two countries have been severed.

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