Ninja and yolandi dating grad school dating

For better or worse, Die Antwoord's nightmarish grip over the music world is coming to an end.

South African hip-hop duo Ninja and Yolandi Visser are calling it quits - but not until they haunt our waking dreams for at least another year.

Yea that makes sense, I think it would've been crazier if they were cast as anyone but themselves.

I think it's just cool that they're in it at all, especially in this big of a role.

Neill Blomkamp was born in South Africa and has shot most of his three films there, including ).

but music is still fun and there expression is so ahead of its time in music.

8 Yo-Landi signed her name with a dash when i got her autograph at Coachella so I think she might not be aware of your almighty wisdome.

Maybe the hiatus will free the duo up to reprise their roles as creepy gangsters (what else?

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