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But they are outnumbered by a second group of twentysomethings who are just as straightforward.

“A sugar daddy,” comes one succinct response to my introductory question. The site invites me to spend it at every turn, and users were even charged £15 to delete their profile prior to the hack.

Furthermore, the hiring system is also set to provide opportunities for the absorption of all qualified kindergarten volunteers and LGU-hired teachers into the national plantilla.

Faithful to the merit and fitness principle of the Civil Service Doctrine of the Constitution and Dep Ed’s continuing thrust to enhance the quality of basic education, these hiring guidelines are hereby promulgated for Teacher I positions consistent with the pertinent provisions of existing laws, rules and regulations effective School Year 2015 – 2016. 2013, otherwise known as the shall be strictly observed.4.2 Upon a teacher’s appointment, assignment to a station, and acceptance of the position, he or she shall not be transferred to another school unit after rendering at least three (3) years of service in that school.4.3 Residents of the locality, LGU-funded teachers, substitute teachers, volunteer teachers, and Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) graduates under the 1000 Teachers Program (1000 TP) shall be subject to these hiring guidelines.4.4 As provided in Section 26 (b) Paragraph 2 of RA 9293 entitled teachers who have not practiced their profession for the past (5) years shall be required to take at least (12) units in education courses, consisting of at least six (6) units of content courses.5.1 All applicants shall register to the Department’s online system at, where they must encode their Personal Data Sheet and select the division where they want to be ranked.

These guidelines, which will apply to the filling-up of newly created and/or natural vacancies for Teacher I positions in public elementary (including kindergarten) and secondary schools shall cover the following areas/aspects:2.1 Announcement of Vacancies and Receipt of Application 2.2 Verification and Validation of Documents Submitted 2.3 Evaluation and Selection of Qualified Applicants 2.4 Appointment of Qualified Applicants 2.5 Monitoring of Division Office Compliance with Hiring Guidelines by the Regional Office3.1 Applicant refers to a person who holds a valid certificate of registration/professional license as a teacher from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) seeking to be appointed to a Teacher I Position.3.2 Bona fide resident refers to an applicant who has been residing for at least six (6) months at the barangay, municipality, city or province in which the school being applied to for a teaching position is located, as evidenced by the Personal Data Sheet (CSC Form 212, Revised 2005) and a Voter’s Identification Card or any proof of residency as deemed acceptable by the School Screening Committee.3.2.1 An applicant who has taught as an LGU-funded teacher, Kindergarten Volunteer Teacher (KVT) or substitute teacher for at least one (1) school year in the barangay, municipality, city or province where the school being applied to for teaching position is located shall also be considered as a bona fide resident, to be validated by a certificate of employment.3.3 Locality refers to the barangay, municipality, city or province where the school being applied for is located.3.4 Qualified applicant refers to an applicant who has been screened and who, therefore, meets the evaluation and selection criteria used by the Schools Division as provided for in the enclosed guidelines.3.5 Registry of Qualified Applicants (RQA) refers to the official list of applicants who obtained an overall score of seventy (70) points and above based on the criteria set and as a result of the evaluation and selection processes.4.1 Public school teachers requesting for transfer to another station are not considered new applicants and are therefore not subject to these hiring guidelines. Once submitted, an Applicant Number will be issued.

In the submission of application requirements, this Number must be indicated.a.

“Being the nice guy I am, I offered to stick around,” he tells me.

Aping a provincial nightclub, women are granted full use of the site free of charge, while men have to pay. I can’t help but wonder why he didn’t just sign up for the Affair Guarantee Package of 2,000 credits at a reasonable £229.80.

While I um and ah about forking out another wedge, the messages start to arrive.

She emails me moments later: “I haven’t even finished setting up my bio and I’ve been ‘favourited’ twice.”I vow to get proactive. ” and take an indiscriminate copy-and-paste approach. I reveal I’m a journalist and he is happy to discuss his experiences.

Which, it transpires, involves taking out my credit card. He’s been a member for three months and has parted with £350.

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