Online dating ettiquette

There are countless articles out there designed to teach people about the online dating rules.

But, here's the thing: as online dating changes, so do the rules.

While that’s a nice enough plot for a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan film, reality doesn’t work like that.

If you sit around in anticipation of love, all you’ll get is a long wait.

One person said: 'This sort of attitude is exactly why proper pubs are disappearing and being replaced with corporate, plastic, trendy, idiot bars.

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Are there rules for this usage, or is it just a question of putting the plural in the right place? As the plot shows, "two millions" has long been the standard expression.

Your group orders ten drinks one-at-a-time and then pays for them all one-at-a-time as the rest of pub creeps closer to Death's eternal grasp waiting for you to finish, despite the fact nine of you are drinking the same drink and the last person, THE LAST PERSON, wants a Guinness putting on.* Look around you. If you want anything else, then you want to be at a club or a gig. Likewise don't get offended if the barman politely gives you a pound and rejects all six Abba songs you paid for. You do not need to bang your change on the top of the bar.

If, however, you've decided to 'do the pub a favour' by blaring out a playlist from your i Phone, then you are a t***. You do not need to wave your money around in the air, as if you're the only person in the room with a tenner (unless it's a strip club). You cannot reason or argue them into selling more, because it's a legal f***ing requirement. There's nobody around, I won't tell anyone.' THAT'S HOW THE HOLOCAUST STARTED!

Of course, when you think about it, what seems more silly: joining a community of fellow looking-for-love singles, who are introduced to you based on potential compatibility?

Or heading to the nearest bar, feverishly scanning for someone who ‘looks' single, then hoping like mad that a) they’ll notice you and b) that you have something – anything – in common? And the statistics support this: recent research has shown that internet dating is now the second most-common way to find a partner, while as many as 1-in-3 marriages start online.

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