Oracle trigger inserting or updating internet dating is depressing

Trigger names do not need to be unique with respect to other schema objects, such as tables, views, and procedures.

For example, a table and a trigger can have the same name (however, to avoid confusion, this is not recommended).

If you have multiple triggers of the same type on a single table, then Oracle Database chooses an arbitrary order to execute these triggers.

Each subsequent trigger sees the changes made by the previously fired triggers. The old values are the original values, and the new values are the current values, as set by the most recently fired trigger.

To ensure that multiple triggered actions occur in a specific order, you must consolidate these actions into a single trigger (for example, by having the trigger call a series of procedures). Deptno) AS Amp_list_ Emplist FROM Dept_tab d; The statement level triggers are useful for performing validation checks for the entire statement.

:old.sal); dbms_output.put(' New salary: '

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