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While we do not often recommend the use of plugins, we do recommend the In-Context Comments plugin to correct the issue of non-updating posts when using the WP Super Cache plugin.

We recommend making a backup of your Word Press from within the Word Press Dashboard before adding or activating a new plugin.

So anyone from enterprise to small business needs to take steps to better secure their website.

One of the most common methods bots use are brute-force login...

However, as a developer, you might find yourself in a situation where you are developing a website for someone who keeps on adding pages to the site without necessarily changing the navigation of the website.

This will require a lot of work if you have not automated the menu updating system.

If you have a Word Press website that is page based, this is one of the best techniques you could use to automatically add newly created pages to the menu.

It is very helpful especially for freelance developers who work for clients who will keep on adding more pages to the site yet they do not know how to work on the menus to show the newly created pages.

It is very easy to use and very fast, meeting most of the requirements that developers have.

The only thing that such developers would need to do is to show their clients how they can set the order for the menus.

A CMS, or Content Management System, is one of the most common ways to run a website nowadays. These expansive programs provide an easy way for you to control every aspect of your site, from broad page design down to individual images.

To do that, I will have to go back to the code and fix the issues.

I will edit the arguments I created earlier and change the code to this: We will also set the page order for all of the pages we have, with the home page getting a 0 value and the others higher values.

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