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For the past several decades, the rate of change and disintegration of old forms has been rapid and relentless, so these people are more valuable than ever.Individuals with these aspects make the combination pay off by merging the best qualities of both planets in ways like those set out in Table 2 (below).I clung to the concept of the marginal individual as a comforting explanation of this consistent feeling of alienation.That feeling shifted, finally, with my first astrology classes in 1968.You might fit into that category yourself, if you've lived with a painful awareness of not fitting in anywhere, but forever falling betwixt and between.In the company of conventional, solidly established mainstream folks, are you the misfit whose beliefs and enthusiasms are outlandish or even socially and politically questionable?

Likewise, Saturnians carefully build and maintain form; Uranians smash crystallized patterns, periodically reinventing themselves.

We'll look at some esteemed colleagues with Saturn–Uranus aspects, but first, let's delve into the dynamics of Saturn and Uranus in combination.

Comparing keywords and phrases is generally a good starting point for dissecting an aspect, but it is especially fruitful with this planetary pair because of the strong contrasts between the two.

Angular house placements or closeness to a chart angle can indicate areas where the planet's energies are more easily expressed and show which of the two is more obvious to the outside world.

If Saturn were on the Midheaven squared by Uranus in the 12th, the native might be conventional and even successful in career areas, but indulge the rebel/maverick side with a secret life like that seen in edgy online communities.

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