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Egalitarians are lost even if they win this argument, and traditionalists are largely unfazed even if they somehow lost it.

The CBMW leadership did not seem to understand that feminists are very open that their focus on abuse is about eradicating headship, not on actual abuse.Even after all of this, the organization Grudem founded (CBMW) presents this totally baseless argument as if it has merit.Grudem makes a strange defense of his choice to keep researching the issue for an additional decade despite having settled the question in his original paper: means, as I am convinced it does, “person in position of authority,” then the egalitarian cause is lost.I thought the argument was wrong, but I didn’t have the time or material at hand to answer it.However, even though egalitarians couldn’t point to any examples of the word meaning “source”, and despite Grudem showing that it was regularly used to mean authority, egalitarians continued to question the issue.Even so, Grudem has done a great service by vigorously refuting the spurious claim about head.That kind of evidence would normally settle the debate forever in ordinary exegesis of ordinary verses. Because the evangelical feminists cannot lose this verse, they continue to ignore or deny the evidence. It now seems to me that, for some people in this dispute who have thought through the issue and are committed to the egalitarian cause and have the academic knowledge to evaluate the evidence for themselves, what the Bible says on this question is not decisive.” They argued that the Greek word kephalē (literally, “head”) often means “source” but never “authority,” so that “the husband is the head of the wife” (Eph ; cf.also 1 Cor 11:3) means “the husband is the source of the wife” and does not have authority over his wife.The only way complementarians can traditional while avoiding preaching submission is to focus all of their energies on the responsibility of the husband to act in such a way that his wife naturally wants to submit.This is not the biblical model of marriage, it is the complementarian model of marriage.

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